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2020 Student Leaders

College Captain

Savannah Brand

Hello everyone!

My name is Savannah Brand and I am a Year 12 student that enjoys performing, science and Mandarin. I started at Hazel Glen College in 2016 and since then, I have aspired to be Hazel Glen’s first female College Captain. I was drawn to this role when it was first described to me as the position for someone who fully immerses themselves in College life, strives to ensure the College is a comfortable and happy space for students and teachers as well as being an embodiment of Hazel Glen’s 4 R’s and Fish Philosophy.

Over the course of my time here at Hazel Glen, I have further developed my leadership and communication skills through a variety of different opportunities that Hazel Glen has to offer. As Hazel Glen College’s female College Captain for 2020, I strive to be an approachable person that works to create an environment in which teachers and students feel happy, heard and included. I feel greatly honoured to have been given this role and am excited for the hard work and dedication that 2020 will bring in order to reach both my personal and College goals!

College Captain

Seth Peachey

My name is Seth Peachey and I am currently undertaking Year 12.

I have been appointed as Hazel Glen’s College Captain for 2020. I’ve been attending this College since Year 9 and have fallen in love with it ever since. My subjects for 2020 are English, Mathematics, Business Management, Legal Studies and Mandarin. Being highly involved with the opportunities that Hazel Glen offers, such as the College Production: The Sound of Music, and the many clubs offered like the Sustainability Club, I envisioned the potential openings that Hazel Glen College could offer for all its students and thus the aspiration of College Captain erupted.

Since being appointed, I hope to achieve a place that promotes the diversity of all its students and furthermore ignite passion within them. Even though I’ve been a part of the Student Representative Council and an active member of the community, I’m nervous to be the first College Captain of Hazel Glen College, but with such a supportive leadership team, I know I can make a positive impact to this school.

College Vice Captain

Jackson Cox

My name is Jackson Cox.

To have such an opportunity presented to ones self is too good of a responsibility to pass up. After moving to Melbourne in late 2017 I had developed high aspirations to create positive change in the environments around me. This idea led me to joining the College leadership team over the last two years, while also applying myself in a diverse array of co-curricular roles. When I was informed of the implementation of the College Captains, I knew it was an opportunity to strive for as I was indebted to the College and community around me for reforming my character and morals into something much more.

To be so fortunate in being selected as Vice Captain, it has become my goal to bring about the best of College spirit, academic performance and wellbeing amongst all students and peers, and to support the likeness of my fellow Vice Captain as well as the College Captains.

College Vice Captain

Julie Williams

My name is Julie Williams and I have been a part of Hazel Glen College since Year 7 in 2015.

I have enjoyed playing for the Hazel Glen Netball Club and other sports throughout my life that have helped to develop my leadership skills and why I applied for the role as a College Captain. I have been an ongoing member of the Hazel Glen College leadership team since my first year at the College. With aspiring dreams and goals in the field of law and leadership I was over the moon to be presented with this role as one of the first College Vice Captains. Being given this role got me reflecting on my very first moments in the College, I can still remember my first day of Year 7, how I felt, who my friends were and how much I’ve grown up since then.

I hope to make my final year at the College the most enjoyable for those beginning their journeys at Hazel Glen, the ones who are continuing on, and the ones whose academic journey is coming to a close. 2020 will definitely be a year to remember and I anticipate that the future captains will follow and create traditions to make the years at Hazel Glen the best years.

Middle School Captain

Lujain Akkoub

Hello Everyone my name is Lujain and I’m in year 8 and I will be your middle school captain for 2020.

I moved to Hazel Glen College in year 4 back in 2016. My hobbies and interests are : listening to music, sketching , playing sports and Netflix binging. I love hanging out with my friends and family. My favourite subjects are drama, art as well as debating in humanities. I’ve always wanted to be a role model which is what made this role stand out for me. By helping to lead students onto the right path for their schooling year, I’ll be able to meet new people who will help me with my leadership path by helping me see new perspectives. Since I moved to Hazel Glen College, I have met supportive people who have encouraged me to try new things that I never knew I was capable of trying. I have always participated in all school house events and excursions, I have also participated in some school sporting teams which helped me grow my social skills. I got to meet new people that I have seen around but never got a chance to talk and get to know them. Thanks to the unlimited support from my family, friends, peers and teachers, I have been able to embrace the leadership skills inside me and strengthen them, as well as add onto them. Earning this role is such an honour to me. I would especially like to thank my teachers and very special best friend.

I can’t wait for a great year in 2020 where I get to work with Cooper, Abbey and Cohen. I’m certain I can grow my connections and understanding towards the school.

Middle School Captain

Cooper Spark

Hello, my name is Cooper Spark I am the middle school captain for 2020.

I can’t wait for the adventures the 2020 will hold for our school. I have been in Hazel Glen College for 1 year and have had a wonderful, successful year. I have been involved in many things such as, all house events, school excursions/incursions, A program that is called ADA (athlete development academy), Beachley house captain for 2019, regionals for cross country and some school sporting teams. They are football, cricket and hockey. I made regionals for cricket and hockey but unfortunately lost. The past year has built up many of my personality traits which as made me a better person. I am grateful for having a chance to be a role model for middle school as that is my strength. I can easily make friends and am a supportive person.

I can’t wait for 2020 as it will have it bumps through the road but it is going to be a fun year for me,  with leading the middle school to the right path and the right decisions. I hope to make a great impact in the middle school community as we are family. I can’t wait to work with Lujain and collaborate with each other. Bring on 2020!

Middle School Vice Captain

Abbey Dewhurst

Hi I’m Abbey and I am one of the 2020 vice captains.

I am extremely excited to be working along with some amazing students and teachers to lead the middle school. I had been at Hazel Glen since opening year and 2020 year will be my 7th year at Hazel Glen. It will be a great experience and I feel very privileged to be offered this position. I have been working towards a goal like this for a long period of time and thrilled I have achieved my goal.

2020 is going to be very exciting and I have a lot to work towards. I would like to say thank you to my teachers who inspired me to achieve my goals and to my family and friends for supporting me every step of the way. I am very much looking forward to this year.

Middle School Vice Captain

Cohen Melli

Hi, my name is Cohen Melli and I’ve been lucky enough to have been selected to be the 2020 Middle School Vice Captain.
I have attended Hazel Glen College since 2016 when I was in year 4 and I have tried to make the most of all the amazing opportunities the College has to offer.
 I am a proud member of Hazel Glen’s Athlete Development Academy and have enjoyed other leadership roles such as McGrath house captain in 2018.
During my time as Vice Captain I hope to encourage my fellow students to strive for excellence in both their academic and co-curricular lives. I’d love to show that a balance between varying interests can be achieved and should be celebrated!
I look forward to the year ahead!

Junior School Captain

Charlotte Baillie

My name is Charlotte and this is my fifth year at Hazel Glen College.

My background is British and Macedonian. My hobbies are playing tennis, reading, writing and playing the piano. I have two pet rabbits, Buddy and Duke. What I like best about school is seeing my friends, my teachers and learning. I want to become a leader so I can collaborate with other students and tell people my ideas.

I am looking forward to speaking in front of the school at assembly and organising fun projects.

Junior School Captain

Samuel Farrugia

My name is Samuel and I have been at Hazel Glen College since 2016.
I was born in Horsham and moved to Melbourne when I was 3. I like to play sport and ride my bike. I also love school. An interesting fact about me is that my dad’s family is Maltese. My family is made up of my mum, dad, sister and my cat Maggie. I love coming to school and seeing everyone smile.
I want to be a leader because I love representing the college. I am looking forward to taking on a big role during college events and speaking confidently at assemblies.

Student leadership
Students who are nominated and/or elected to leadership positions within the College have the following responsibilities:

  • Junior School Captains / Middle School Captains / College Captains
  • To be a leader and role model to other students in every day matters, and with groups working on particular projects to achieve desired outcomes for the students and the College;
  • To represent the College at special occasions both within and outside of the College;
  • To chair student meetings and to follow up on recommended actions in association with relevant staff;
  • To liaise regularly with the Head of School and the Assistant Principal on matters related to the education of students at the College;
  • To provide assistance in supporting students at risk.


Student School Council

Two representatives from each year level will be elected by their peers to form a Junior, Middle and Senior Student School Council;

  • To represent their peers from their Year Level;
  • To discuss key concerns for the College;
  • To raise, discuss, organise and plan key events for the College;


House Captains 

  • Responsible for overseeing House teams. These include swimming, athletics, cross-country and performing arts.
  • Input will include advice on team selections during House meetings and ensuring all teams are produced in advance of carnival events;
  • Responsible for providing constructive advice to the House Leader;
  • Responsible for assisting in the planning and running of House meetings;
  • Responsible for assisting the Sports Co-ordinator prior to carnivals to ensure events run smoothly;
  • Responsible for maintaining records of House events to assist in the process of producing reports for the school magazine;
  • To assist in welcoming into the House culture any new students;
  • To assist in planning/organising any social activities as appropriate.


House Vice Captains

Responsible for assisting the House Captains in the planning and running of all elements of the House program.


Co-curricular Captains

  • Responsible in their specific area of management for the leadership and administration of student programs in liaison with their designated staff mentor;
  • To be a leader and role model to other students in their sphere of operation.


The following positions are examples which may be appointed annually:

  • Debating Captain
  • Performing Arts Captain – Vocal
  • Performing Arts Captain – Instrumental Music
  • Performing Arts Captain – Production
  • College Magazine Captain
  • Sustainability Captain
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