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Junior School

Hazel Glen College looks forward to your family visiting our school and becoming a member of our school community. Parent participation and engagement is actively encouraged and appreciated. Staff and parents work as a partnership in the interests of our children.

At Hazel Glen College we offer your child:

  • Experienced, enthusiastic and caring teachers
  • High quality Wellbeing structures
  • A varied curriculum with excursions, special events, and many other highlights throughout the year
  • High quality English and Mathematics programs
  • An exciting Arts program including Visual and Performing Arts
  • A 21st Century STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) program
  • An Arts complex, music rooms, gymnasiums and 3 STEAM centres
  • Private music lessons
  • Well maintained and extensive playground space including creative play spaces and equipment, basketball courts, gymnasium and school ovals

Starting school is a big step in your child’s educational journey and can be daunting for both child and parent. We work hard to assist you in this process through our extensive transition process. If you are considering Hazel Glen College as the school for your child, there are some important dates that are coming up in the following months. They can be found in our Prep 19 Booklet below.

Junior School Handbook
The Junior School Handbook is a guide to assist you through 2020 at Hazel Glen College
Prep Transition Program
The aim of our transition program is to familiarise parents and children with our school surroundings and facilities. We aim to provide an enjoyable introduction for your child and a smooth beginning in their journey through Hazel Glen College.

Taking the big step and starting school can be daunting for both the child and the parent. To assist you along with this journey, download the Hazel Glen College Foundation Handbook here:


Student Leadership Opportunities

At Hazel Glen College, our school values are integral to the way in which we live, learn and play. The values Respect, Resilience, Relationships and Responsibility are not just words that are spoken, they are demonstrated by our students and staff every day. In selecting the students who will lead and represent the Junior School at Hazel Glen College, it is essential that they are able to be role models for our prep – Year 4 students by demonstrating kindness and being accountable to all of our values.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our 2019 Junior School Captains, Makenzie and Jacob. In their years at Hazel Glen College they have continually upheld our values and proven themselves as excellent role models and enthusiastic learners.

We asked Brenda, how she felt about her daughter Makenzie being selected as the Junior School Captain for 2019 and she replied that her daughter, “has always been proud and passionate about Hazel Glen College so I was very proud of her for being selected as a College Captain for 2019, as I know she is determined to do a great job.”

Jacob’s parents were very happy to share their thoughts on Jacob being a leader in the Junior School. His dad Paul, said “I am proud of Jacob as a leader he has always wanted to lead by example. Whether it is in a social gathering, on the Sporting field or in the family. He gives 100% and doesn’t give up.”

Jacob’s mum Jessica, said “We are so proud of Jacob.  To be a School Captain at HGC is something he has hoped for.  He has had such a positive experience at the school and we are excited to see how he continues to grow in confidence through this opportunity to lead with his peers.”

We are looking forward to a great year ahead working with Jacob and Makenzie and all of our Junior School leaders.


JS-Captains-2019 (4)

Respectful Relationships

At HGC we understand the importance of having conversations surrounding RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS from an early age. We engage students in these important conversations in a way that is age appropriate. Below are two videos created with the help of our students that explore issues surrounding gender equality and gender stereotypes.

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