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Leadership Team

Anthea Jamieson

Assistant Principal - Junior School

Anthea_JamiesonAnthea Jamieson is the Assistant Principal for the Junior School at Hazel Glen College. She has extensive experience working in a variety of different educational settings including Primary schools and specialist settings with children “at risk” and their families. Anthea brings strong curriculum knowledge to this position and has been a presenter of Government initiatives and curriculum models to schools, parents and teachers.

Anthea has held many leadership positions focusing on curriculum initiatives and building staff capacity. She has also worked as an instructional coach mentoring teachers to enhance current skills and acquire new practices.

Anthea has experience working with the issues and the conflicts that young children experience throughout their complex cognitive development. She has a strong belief that all children should have equal opportunity to a quality education that caters to the child’s holistic development.

In her role leading the Junior School at Hazel Glen College, Anthea works with a passionate staff to provide the very best learning opportunities and develop the students for the 21 st Century.

Anthea loves reading and going out for coffee with friends.

Anthony Oldmeadow

Assistant Principal - Middle School


Anthony is the Assistant Principal for the Middle School (Years 5 to 8) at Hazel Glen College. Anthony has been with the College since it opened in 2014 and commenced as the Assistant Principal in the Junior School (Years Prep to 4).

Anthony previously worked at Laurimar Primary School and has been part of the Doreen community for the past 7 years. In this time, Anthony has been involved in the start-up of both schools from their first day.

Throughout his career, Anthony has worked extensively with adolescent students across multiple schools in both Physical Education and Classroom settings.  Anthony has also had time working in the Northern Metropolitan Region as an ICT support coach for schools across our network.  He has gained valuable experience in all settings and is passionate about working with children to achieve their best.

Anthony has a strong interest in adolescence and is committed to learning about the way students develop through this stage of their lives.  Anthony loves harnessing the power of ICT and seeing how it can be utilised in schools to engage, support and strengthen students understanding of curriculum concepts.

Anthony is a family man who tries to stay fit.  He has been involved in a wide range of sports throughout his life as both a competitor and coach.

Anthony Stockwell

Assistant Principal - Strategic and Planning

Anthony_StockwellAnthony is one of the Assistant Principals at Hazel Glen College who oversees Strategic Planning at the College. His main focus this year has been developing our Year 9 Experiential Learning model, organisational structure and elective program.

Anthony has extensive experience in P-12 Colleges and brings a wealth of experience from different educational sectors outside of State Education. Anthony has held leadership roles in many of these schools and believes strongly in the opportunities Hazel Glen College is developing for its students.

Anthony is a passionate educator who loves to read. Anthony has completed extensive research into the brain development of students at different stages of their lives and see student’s holistic development just as important as their cognitive development.

Anthony loves spending time in the outdoors and at the beach. He classifies himself as a sports enthusiasts specifically in Basketball and Football. He has coached extensively in both sports at junior and senior levels.

Anthony is a qualified Outdoor Education/Physical Education and Health Teacher. His fondest memories as a teacher are of his excursions and camps spent with his students in natural environment Bushwalking, White Water Rafting, Abseiling, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving and Snorkelling with the seals in Port Phillip Bay.

Debbie Rainbow

Director - Child and Family Centre

Rainbow,DebbieDeborah Rainbow is the Director of the Hazel Glen Child and Family Centre at Hazel Glen College. Deborah has an extensive background in Education spanning nearly 30 years. She has worked in many schools across Melbourne and rural Victoria, including K-12 and P-9 schools. Deborah brings a great deal of experience to her role as she has held many leadership positions in schools. She has worked as an Instructional Coach, mentoring and coaching both graduate and experienced teachers in Educational pedagogy and curriculum development. Deborah is a dedicated educator and leader who holds a strong passion for, and knowledge of, Early Years Education.

In her role as Director of Hazel Glen Kindergarten, she has used her knowledge and expertise to establish a facility and program that encompasses the latest philosophies and programs in preschool education. She has worked with the staff to form a strong culture that is nurturing and fosters a joy of learning whilst equipping children with necessary life skills.