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Leadership Team

College Principal

Anthony Stockwell

Anthony_StockwellAnthony is the Principal of Hazel Glen College.

Anthony has extensive experience in P-12 Colleges and brings a wealth of experience from different educational sectors outside of State Education. Anthony has held leadership roles in many of these schools and believes strongly in the opportunities Hazel Glen College is developing for its students.

Anthony is a passionate educator who loves to read. Anthony has completed extensive research into the brain development of students at different stages of their lives and see student’s holistic development just as important as their cognitive development.

Anthony loves spending time in the outdoors and at the beach. He classifies himself as a sports enthusiasts specifically in Basketball and Football. He has coached extensively in both sports at junior and senior levels.

Anthony is a qualified Outdoor Education/Physical Education and Health Teacher. His fondest memories as a teacher are of his excursions and camps spent with his students in natural environment Bushwalking, White Water Rafting, Abseiling, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving and Snorkelling with the seals in Port Phillip Bay.

Junior School Principal

Anthea Jamieson

Anthea_JamiesonAnthea Jamieson is the  Campus Principal for the Junior School at Hazel Glen College. She has extensive experience working in a variety of different educational settings including Primary schools and specialist settings with children “at risk” and their families. Anthea brings strong curriculum knowledge to this position and has been a presenter of Government initiatives and curriculum models to schools, parents and teachers.

Anthea has held many leadership positions focusing on curriculum initiatives and building staff capacity. She has also worked as an instructional coach mentoring teachers to enhance current skills and acquire new practices.

Anthea has experience working with the issues and the conflicts that young children experience throughout their complex cognitive development. She has a strong belief that all children should have equal opportunity to a quality education that caters to the child’s holistic development.

In her role leading the Junior School at Hazel Glen College, Anthea works with a passionate staff to provide the very best learning opportunities and develop the students for the 21 st Century.

Middle School Principal

Anthony Oldmeadow


Anthony is the Campus Principal for the Middle School at Hazel Glen College. Anthony has been with the College since it opened in 2014 and commenced as the Assistant Principal in the Junior School (Years Prep to 4).

Anthony previously worked at Laurimar Primary School and has been part of the Doreen community for the past 7 years. In this time, Anthony has been involved in the start-up of both schools from their first day.

Throughout his career, Anthony has worked extensively with adolescent students across multiple schools in both Physical Education and Classroom settings.  Anthony has also had time working in the Northern Metropolitan Region as an ICT support coach for schools across our network.  He has gained valuable experience in all settings and is passionate about working with children to achieve their best.

Anthony has a strong interest in adolescence and is committed to learning about the way students develop through this stage of their lives.  Anthony loves harnessing the power of ICT and seeing how it can be utilised in schools to engage, support and strengthen students understanding of curriculum concepts.

Anthony is a family man who tries to stay fit.  He has been involved in a wide range of sports throughout his life as both a competitor and coach.

Senior School Principal

Neil Baillie

NeilNeil Baillie is the Campus Principal for the Senior School at Hazel Glen College. He has a wide ranging experience of Secondary and Senior School teaching at schools in both London and Melbourne.

Neil developed a strong background in student wellbeing whilst leading student cohorts in both the UK and Melbourne, working with students from a wide range of backgrounds and with a variety of abilities. He has since developed a high level of curriculum and assessment expertise whilst leading a large teaching staff in these areas at a successful northern Melbourne school. He has a particular interest in curriculum design and assessment, and is looking forward to implementing contemporary practices with the Senior School students and staff at Hazel Glen College. He is excited about the many opportunities that Hazel Glen College will provide to its students and the local community.

Neil is a passionate Science teacher with a senior specialism in VCE Physics. He has over many years, led his students to VCE success through the implementation of data driven pedagogy utilising ICT for 21st century learning. In addition, he has worked for a number of years as a VCE examiner.

Neil is an avid soccer fan following both the English Premier League and A League.

Assistant Principal - Innovation

Shawn Taggart

ShawnShawn Taggart is the Assistant Principal-Innovation, heading the Innovation and Technology/STEAM. His main focus this year is to implement a dynamic creative technologies curriculum blending science, technology and art while coaching teachers in the flipped learning model.

Shawn has extensive experience in empowering both students and teachers with the necessary skills to become 21st Century Learners and Leaders. He uses his unique skill set to harness the power of technology; helping to create a dynamic and collaborative educational environment that enhances learning through a heightened sense of creativity, fun and engagement.

Shawn has been an Apple Distinguished Educator since 2009, giving presentations on the implementation of iPads and BYOD within an educational setting.
Shawn is passionate about creating open learning environments where curriculum is freely accessible and available to those eager to learn. This has lead to the creation of the ground-breaking HGC iTunes U Curriculum and it’s placement as the current Number 1 downloaded school curriculum in the World.
In his spare time Shawn loves to watch disaster movies and spend time with his family.

Director - Child and Family Centre

Debbie Rainbow

Rainbow,DebbieDeborah Rainbow is the Director of the Hazel Glen Child and Family Centre at Hazel Glen College. Deborah has an extensive background in Education spanning nearly 30 years. She has worked in many schools across Melbourne and rural Victoria, including K-12 and P-9 schools. Deborah brings a great deal of experience to her role as she has held many leadership positions in schools. She has worked as an Instructional Coach, mentoring and coaching both graduate and experienced teachers in Educational pedagogy and curriculum development. Deborah is a dedicated educator and leader who holds a strong passion for, and knowledge of, Early Years Education.

In her role as Director of Hazel Glen Kindergarten, she has used her knowledge and expertise to establish a facility and program that encompasses the latest philosophies and programs in preschool education. She has worked with the staff to form a strong culture that is nurturing and fosters a joy of learning whilst equipping children with necessary life skills.

Lisa Stafford

Junior School Assistant Principal - Operations


Lisa Stafford is the Junior School Assistant Principal of Operations at Hazel Glen College. She is proud to have been part of Hazel Glen College since it opened its doors in 2014. Lisa has thoroughly enjoyed and embraced the multiple leadership roles she has had the opportunity to take on, over the last 5 years at HGC.

Lisa has worked at a number of other schools within the local area, with extensive experience working in the classroom with primary school students. Lisa has held leadership roles in the areas of curriculum, ICT and student wellbeing.

Lisa has a passion for and extensive knowledge and skills in the area of student wellbeing. She recognises that schools play a vital role in promoting the social and emotional development and wellbeing of all students. Lisa understands that student resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development, which is optimised by the provision of a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment. Lisa knows how important it is to provide an engaging and inclusive learning environment where students are challenged and supported to reach their full potential.

Lisa’s moral purpose guides both her personal life and career and sets the context for her daily life. She is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of students in her care.

Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, especially being able to share new experiences together.


Rebecca Richards

Junior School Assistant Principal - Curriculum

RebeccaRebecca Richards is the Assistant Principal Curriculum for the Junior School at Hazel Glen College. She has had the privilege of being a part of Hazel Glen College since 2015 where she commenced her role as Head of Teaching and Learning within the Junior School. Rebecca has extensive experience in education, working in a variety of educational settings. She has a passion for 21st Century learning and leads a dedicated Curriculum team to create curriculum frameworks delivered through exciting programs, including STEAM within the Junior School. These dynamic programs develop a sound foundation for a lifetime of learning for all Junior School students.

Rebecca enjoys building a climate that sparks joy in teaching and learning. She shares her passion and strong curriculum knowledge as both a mentor and Instructional Coach for both graduate and experienced teachers within the Junior School.

Rebecca strongly believes in strengthening the home school partnership. She values parent engagement within the College and promotes Parent Helper training workshops to support this. She has also introduced tools such as Seesaw to support and empower student learning and celebrate academic achievement, which encourages students to be connected, motivated and actively involved in their learning.

Rebecca enjoys basketball, working in the garden and spending time with her family and friends.

Jarrod McGough

Middle School Assistant Principal - Operations

JarrodJarrod McGough is the Middle School Assistant Principal of Operations at Hazel Glen College. He started his teaching career at Laurimar Primary School and was one of the original staff members at Hazel Glen College when it opened in 2014. He is committed to ensuring the students of Hazel Glen College are provided with the best 21st Century learning opportunities available to them.

He is passionate about making a difference to the lives of the students that he works with. He believes in developing independent, resilient and respectful students. Jarrod recognises the importance of student well-being and connectedness to school. In his role as Middle School Assistant Principal of Operations, he leads a dedicated well-being team and staff that focus on the social and emotional learning of the students at the College.

Jarrod completed his Masters of Instructional Leadership in 2018. This course provides him with access to the latest research in educational theory.

Jarrod loves playing sport, travel and spending time with family and friends.

Kim Donnelly

Middle School Assistant Principal - Curriculum

Kim Donnelly has a keen interest in the education of young adolescents. She is passionate about connecting students to their learning through the development of engaging, relevant curriculum that promotes creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

Kim has a strong background in curriculum development and has held many leadership positions focusing on the implementation of high quality teaching and learning programs that encompass 21st century educational initiatives.

In her role as a curriculum leader, Kim has a focus on building the capacity of staff to develop and implement exemplary teaching and learning practices. She oversees the educational coaching program in Middle School, which focuses on mentoring and coaching both graduate and experienced teachers in pedagogical practices and curriculum development.

She is passionate about creating and providing learning opportunities that encourage every student to challenge themselves to achieve their personal best.

Kim also loves spending time with her family, travelling and getting outdoors as much as possible.



Jonathan Reedyk

Senior School Assistant Principal - Operations

JonathanJonathan Reedyk is the Assistant Principal of Operations for Senior School. He joined Hazel Glen College at the start of 2017. Jonathan has enjoyed an extensive career educating students in the areas of Physical Education, Outdoor Education and VCE Psychology. He has a passion for challenging young people to achieve their personal best. He has a strong belief that supporting adolescents through any emerging difficulties at this stage of their development is extremely important. Jonathan brings a wealth of experience of leading teams in the areas of student engagement and well-being, as well as promoting positive behaviour in adolescents. He is thrilled to be working in this area of education at a time of both great challenge and great innovation.

Jonathan also enjoys challenging himself on a personal level, especially in the area of fitness.
He and his young family have a great love of the outdoors, particularly in regard to hiking, surfing and spending time in the snow.

Selen Atilla

Senior School Assistant Principal - Curriculum


Selen Atilla is the Assistant Principal of Curriculum for Senior School, having joined Hazel Glen College in 2017 as Head of Teaching and Learning to lead the implementation of curriculum in the set-up of Senior School.

Selen has a background in Electrical Engineering and is passionate about teaching Mathematics and Physics, with extensive experience in a variety of secondary government schools as an Educational Leader and Assistant Principal.

She has strong curriculum expertise in leading teams to achieve high growth in student learning well above state benchmarks, and enjoys working with the wider community to promote inquiry-based learning. She is also enthusiastic about coaching, mentoring and inspiring teachers to enhance pedagogical practices for improved student engagement and motivation for learning.

Selen has worked with many primary school students in the Northern Region to create and develop curiosity in young people to help them link their learning with their everyday lives. She is now leading a 21st Century education model at Hazel Glen College, equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in this new world.  She strongly believes in creating life-long learners who are resilient, confident and creative thinkers, and is looking forward to the graduation of Hazel Glen College’s first Year 12 class in 2020.

Selen enjoys travelling and loves spending time with her husband, three children and their pet dog.