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Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Hazel Glen College website!
I am both honoured and excited to be the inaugural Principal of HGC.

Hazel Glen College is an innovative K-12 educational precinct. A K-12 approach takes shape when early childhood, primary and secondary educators work toward a deeply shared view of pedagogy and a seamless curriculum. K-12 schooling is more than simply establishing a K-12 college on the one site. It refers to a systemic educational approach that incorporates lifelong learning, a shared pedagogy and curriculum alignment.

I have a vision for education that is built around a positive leadership style, one that clearly provides a focus on continuous improvement and excellence for all. This is a vision that promotes strong partnerships between staff and the local community to build a vibrant, sustainable culture that will ensure Hazel Glen College becomes a leading state school in Victoria.


As a parent, I understand that you want to choose the very best school for your child and family. What unites us, is a belief that lives can be transformed by what goes on in schools. The precious moments spent in the classroom, the interactions between professionals and students, the process of teaching and learning – can shape futures like nothing else. At HGC, we understand that school plays a vital role in your child’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional and moral development. Our role is to help every student reach their potential. 


Our aim is to challenge all students to be the very best they can be.  The skills needed for the 21st century, which support a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom, will be actively embraced by our College.


Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff work closely with students, their families and the broader community to ensure your child is academically challenged in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. 


At HGC, we strive to foster a life-long love of learning. Our world-class curriculum and assessment is designed to promote successful learners who are confident, creative, active and informed citizens. Our motto, “Learners today, Leaders tomorrow” is an expression of our enduring commitment to developing strong, confident, independent and innovative Leaders of Tomorrow.


Construction of the new College is progressing extremely well. The new learning environments that are currently being built are world class, having had input from many sectors of the local community.


The challenge to establish Hazel Glen is one that excites me and one to which, as an experienced Principal, I will focus on achieving the very best possible learning outcomes for our students.


Welcome to Hazel Glen College!

Darryl Furze

College Principal

College Phone

9717 7500
Call before 9am for all absentees.

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