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OSHC Menu Information

Weekly Menu

Our OSHC weekly Menu is designed to uphold the Dietary Guideline outlined by The Department of Health and Ageing. Through this, we follow the traffic light system to improve the well-being and health of every child that comes to our service. We aim to ensure that every child is catered for with each meal by providing a Dairy, Gluten or Vegetarian option.

Our services provide the children with two meals each day, breakfast in the morning and then afternoon tea later in the day.

Before School Care

–          wholemeal toast: with either jam, vegemite, honey or margarine,

–          cereals:  cornflakes, rice bubbles, whole grain cheerios and weetbix. There are gluten free and dairy free options available for children who have dietary restrictions.

–          Yoghurt: strawberry or vanilla

–          Pancakes (on special occasions)

After School Care

The children also are provided with afternoon tea when they arrive at the program after their school day. This is a snack to fill them with nutrients and energy for the afternoon, some of our menu items are:

–          Lasagne

–          Pizza

–          Pasta bake

–          Fried Rice

–          Sausage rolls

–          Smoothies

–          Salad Sandwiches

Every Tuesday a staff member prepares the meals for the week. The children’s likes and dislikes are taken into consideration when preparing the meals and new ideas are always being researched to make the meals interesting. All of the meals we prepare ourselves from scratch are jam-packed with vegetables, fruits and lentils, that even the fussiest eaters cannot resist. Our menus will be available on fortnightly basis for you to see.

We ask that no child bring in food in from outside the service for breakfast as we have children with a range of allergies. Our service is a NUT FREE service. If you have any questions about our menu or would like a recipe that your child/ren have liked please feel free to email the team.


Sample Weekly Menu:

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