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HGC Hosts the Beginning Teachers’ Conference 2017

The Beginning Teachers’ Conference for fourth year students from RMIT University is always a highlight on the academic calendar and has been successfully hosted by Hazel Glen College for the past 3 years.

The conference brings together school principals, senior staff and recently graduated teachers, face to face with pre-service teachers to advise them on preparing for job applications and critical issues they will encounter in their first year of teaching.

The feedback from the pre-service teachers is overwhelmingly positive and their active involvement with experienced and knowledgeable practicing professionals is considered by all to be essential.

The conference is organised primarily by a committee of year four students in close collaboration with the senior staff from Hazel Glen College. The conference is part of a university course titled ‘Teaching as Reflective Practice’. It is envisaged that this highly successful collaboration will continue well into the future, preparing beginning teachers for the profession.

Peter Meaney, Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education, School of Education and Associate of RMIT University
I tell my students: “Teaching is a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ profession. We must ‘walk the talk’. The best example of this is for them to see the team of staff from Hazel Glen College actively involved, presenting and hosting the Beginning Teachers’ Conference on a school holiday. Thank you to the Principal and each member of staff of the College; this was a great example for us all.

The Beginning Teachers’ Conference could not have been held at the university; it needed to be held in situ at a school. Hazel Glen College was the perfect location, showcasing a great learning environment with appealing, functional and current facilities and technologies and a ‘second to none’ leadership team and staff. The whole conference was described by a student as ‘an inspiring program presented in an inspiring environment’. Thank you to the Principal, staff and students of Hazel Glen College.

Dr. Richard Johnson, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, RMIT University


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