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This month School.TV focuses on Social Media & Digital Reputation

Social media has become such an integral part of a teenager’s life that it can cause anxiety and lower their self-esteem. Modern teens are learning to do most of their communication whilst looking at a screen instead of another person. They are missing out on very critical social skills.

And dependant on what they are communicating online, it can affect their digital reputation. Friendships, relationships and even future job prospects are all at risk. As a parent, It is very important that you are aware of what picture they are painting of themselves online.

Once information makes its way online it can be difficult to remove. Images and words can be misinterpreted and altered as they are easily and quickly shared around. Privacy settings on social media sites need to be managed in order to protect your child’s digital reputation.

To find out more about how you can help your child navigate the perils of social media, visit the Schooltv website by clicking here.

Get in the right Headspace at Schooltv.me!
The SchoolTV website is a wonderful resource that provides HGC parents with guidance and realistic strategies for raising healthy and resilient kids. 
SchoolTV is all about empowering parents with the latest information, strategies and resources to address the modern day realities of raising happy and safe young people in an online world.
With a team of world-leading specialists, SchoolTV provides expert information on such topics as: childhood anxiety, cyber-bullying, depression, digital reputation, offensive online material, screen addiction, sexting, social networking as well as drug and alcohol use.
Working together we can make a stronger, happier, healthier community from the inside out!

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