Putting a dent in the universe

Students have opportunities to make discoveries and share them with the world.


House allegiance provides positive competition and sets resilience building challenges. The house system is a fundamental part of life at HGC. It develops strong relationships spanning over multiple year levels and inspires HGC students to be the very best they can be.


Developing lifelong learning

Four walls of a classroom no longer hold back our students. With connectivity and communications skills our students can contribute to the world of tomorrow.

Middle School at Hazel Glen College frames the Middle Years of Schooling as Years 5 – 8 within its K-12 continuum. This is a reflection of the developmental needs of students and their families within our contemporary Australian context. The Middle School Program at Hazel Glen College can be conceptualised as a two stage program in which the developmental needs of our students are catered for: • Stage 1 – Years 5 and 6 • Stage 2 – Years 7 and 8.
Our focus is on educating the individual. Our teaching model will maximise student learning outcomes by personalising the learning for each and every student. Our students learn best from a variety of sources and have access to multiple teachers in varying group sizes that match the student’s individual interests, needs and learning goals. Each class in most subjects is broken into three segments to ensure we cater to each student’s learning style – in small groups, large groups and in private study.

A typical class is made up of:

• Instruction with a clear learning intention
• Independent learning
• Cooperative and collaborative learning
• Reflection


Middle School Handbook

To support new and continuing families, the College has prepared a handbook to help guide you through the Middle School. Click here to download a copy.


Middle School Handbook