Before and After Care


The Junior School OSHC program is designed and delivered by a team of passionate early childhood educators to provide a fun, engaging and educational program. Each day is broken up by a communication, sport and a craft activity.  When the weather is good, we get our students outside for as long as possible to allow them to connect with and explore their natural surroundings. The fun games and activities we expose students to freely extend their imaginations as well as develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Our program incorporates sustainability and multiculturalism within our sessions, which is a vital part of our supporting frameworks: The Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place. We also focus on mindfulness and wellbeing, two areas which aim to support our students in reducing stress levels, helping them to relax and improve student behaviours. Activities incorporated include; yoga, meditation and intentional teaching.

To support the younger students in developing their independence and sense of responsibility within the OSHC session, each morning we have a food station set up that allows them to prepare their own breakfast; pour/serve their own cereals, yoghurt and toast.

Our program consists of several incursions for both the Junior and Middle School students, including; firefighters visit, sporting clinics, farm animals, Lego clinics, circus classes and many more fun and exciting activities. The inclusion of these incursions will broaden our students’ experiences within our program, and we increase the enjoyment and pleasure they get in participating in our OSHC program.

The Middle Years OSHC program is a more flexible based program that allows these students to finish homework, spend time with friends and participate in a variety of enjoyable sporting activities and games.  The program also comprises several mindfulness and wellbeing sessions that we hope will support students to develop effective coping mechanisms that they can incorporate into their everyday lives. These sessions consist of meditation, student lead discussions and wellbeing activities which elicit discussions about different feelings and experiences that may be worrying them. The homework group allows students to use their strengths to help others as well as use their fellow peers’ strengths to enrich their own knowledge. Providing them with the time and space to focus on completing homework will not only support them in becoming good self-managers but also allow for more quality family time at the end of the day.

The Middle Years students also partake in a leadership program whereby they pick an age group from the Junior School OSHC program, and they help alongside the educators for the afternoon. During these sessions, the Middle Years students practice effective communication skills, leadership skills and responsibility. They have the opportunity to run games, set up play experiences and help overlook the children playing. As part of a transition program during Term 4, we begin to prepare the Year 4’s with the routine of the Middle Years OSHC program. They begin to walk themselves to the Scout Hall, participate in the Middle Years curriculum activities and help out the other younger year levels. It is hoped that the Year 4 students make some friends during this program to allow them to have friendly faces known to them when they begin their Middle Years journey.

After a full day learning, it is important that all our students have the opportunity to wind down, have a break and enjoy being kids. In supporting them to do this, they are encouraged to use the college’s resources and facilities, whether it be enjoying some inside games and toys, or getting outside on outdoor on the playgrounds, basketball/netball courts and equipment.


Our Service:

Before School Care:

  • Breakfast is provided before 8:15 am
  • Prep’s and Year 1’s are walked to their classrooms at 8:30 am by OSHC Educators.
  • Year 2’s, 3’s and 4’s are walked to the portable areas at 8:30 am with the educators where they then walk to their classrooms.
  • Middle Years are dismissed from the Scout Hall at 8:15 am, and they walk themselves to their classrooms.

After School Care:

  • Each day a roll is delivered to every classroom by an OSHC educator where the teacher will read the highlighted names of their children who will be attending OSHC that afternoon.
  • Prep’s have an educator in the middle of their learning neighbourhood where the teachers deliver the students attending OSHC to the educator at 3:15 pm.
  • Year 1’s are dismissed at 3:15 pm from their classrooms and go to their designated OSHC pick up area. The teachers have a college map showing all OSHC pick up areas. They let the students know where their pick up area is.
  • Year 2’s, 3’s and 4’s are dismissed at 3:15 pm from their classrooms, and they then make their way over to the designated pick up area.
  • Middle Years are dismissed from school at 3:00 pm, and they make their way to the Scout Hall.
  • The educators have a roll at each pick up If there is a child unaccounted for the educator contacts a Leader, who then contacts the family immediately.
  • Afternoon tea will be provided in the Scout Hall at approximately 4.00 pm.
College Phone

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