College Overview

Our Motto

Learners today, Leaders tomorrow, our building blocks for the future.

Our Vision

Hazel Glen College promotes individual excellence and encourages responsible global citizenship and leadership across the College.
Our vision is to provide an innovative, high performing learning precinct where life-long learning and continuous improvement is nurtured.
We take great pride in supporting the health and wellbeing of our students, so they discover and value who they truly are. We believe self-understanding builds self-esteem, meaning and motivation to tackle life issues with confidence and passion.

Our Aim

We aim to develop resilient, independent, adaptable and innovative thinkers who have a passion to learn, the courage to take risks and the confidence to apply their skills and knowledge in a vibrant learning community. We aim to enable students to cope with diversity and the challenges that life can bring and to develop the skills to strengthen their relationships and build positive emotions, promote mindfulness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Our Values

friendship, kindness, compassion, family, enjoyment, peace, fairness
  • developing positive relationships with others
  • being a good friend to others
  • developing connectedness to family, friends and the community
  • being compassionate and having empathy for others
honesty, manners, acceptance, tolerance
  • care and concern for yourself
  • care and concern for others
  • acceptance of difference
  • looking after the environment
  • showing pride in our school
happiness, learning, leadership, teamwork, co-operation
  • achievement of personal best
  • being accountable for our actions
  • acceptance of individual and team responsibility
  • sharing knowledge and working effectively together
self-esteem, self-confidence, positive attitudes
  • developing self-management skills
  • being optimistic
  • developing perseverance

Our Emblem

HGC-LogoOur College Emblem reflects a seamless pathway from our Kindergarten to Year 12.

Our History

Historical Significance of the name ‘Hazel Glen College
This was the name given to the home of an original pioneer of the district. In the early 1860’s Reid’s station, Hazel Glen was the only fixed mark in the entire area. The Hazel Glen farm complex (house, trees, store) was significant for its evidence of very early settlement in the Whittlesea district. This significance is enhanced by the continuity of ownership in the Reid Family. The 1843 sections of the building are believed to be the oldest surviving buildings in Whittlesea and are amongst the oldest in the State. In recognition of the historical significance of the name Hazel Glen within the local district, it was proposed to register the new educational precinct in Doreen – Hazel Glen. The name represents a historical link with the past as well as a sense of pride with the students, staff, parents and local community.

Our Role

Our role is to help every student reach their potential and to actively embrace the skills needed for the 21st century.

Our Location

A new school, a bright future
Located within one of Melbourne’s fastest growing municipalities, the development of HGC has been eagerly anticipated by the residential communities within Doreen and the broader City of Whittlesea.  The construction of HGC began in 2014, and over the last few years, the College has experienced exponential growth, with student numbers expected to exceed 3000 students.  The creation of HGC is an exciting time for all involved. Our state-of-the-art facilities are bright and cheerful and have been designed to enhance student learning.

Our Community

The sense of community spirit is an essential part of our school culture. We recognise that home and school partnership is essential to student growth.  We welcome and are committed to involving parents at every stage of learning.  By working together, we know that we can achieve a much higher level of success for our students.

Our Unique Structure

HGC offers a unique opportunity for students to attend one College for their entire schooling life. From their earliest years, students can begin their education at our onsite Child & Family Centre where they can attend 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten. This centre is closely linked to our Junior School (Foundation – Year 4), allowing students a gentle, organic progression into the next stage of their school life. Located in its own building with separate Year Level playgrounds, our Junior school maintains an intimate, nurturing feel within our broader school community. Our Middle School (Years 5 – 8) offers dedicated art and science classrooms within cheerful modern facilities and prepares students with the skills needed to excel within the senior school.

Our Environment

HGC is committed to providing a beautiful, dynamic and safe haven for learning. The college design incorporates the latest facilities for engaging students, offering beautifully appointed classrooms and landscaped grounds.

Embracing Technology

HGC is committed to information and communications technology. HGC’s Steam Innovation Hub has been completed. This ground-breaking centre offers students cutting-edge learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM). With an emphasis on embracing innovative technologies, the HGC Steam Innovation Hub will give students the opportunity to learn robotics, digital arts, computer programming, creative arts and science technologies from Foundation through to Senior School

Specialist Programs

HGC offers extensive opportunities to participate in specialist STEAM programs including Robotics, Woodwork, Food Technology, 3D, Visual and Digital Arts and Languages.

Extra Curricula Programs

HGC offers a wide variety of innovative Sporting Programs which aim to create a love of sport as well as developing a broad range of skills and abilities.

We encourage every child to participate to the best of their ability with a focus on promoting life-long health and fitness and confidence in their ability to ‘give it a go’.

Our innovative Performing Arts program offers students many unique opportunities to enhance their confidence and performance skills, including Voices of Hazel Glen Choirs, the Dance Team, our College Band and College Production.

Leadership Program

Our leadership program focuses on building leadership qualities in our students to ensure that our culture and College values are embedded in everyday life. Our student leaders play an essential role in embracing the College vision and reflect our values to promote a positive climate of student engagement and wellbeing across the College.

Camping Program

Our camping program fosters a love of recreation and outdoors by providing opportunities for students to be independent and to gain an understanding of the natural environment and their responsibilities within it. It develops positive relationships and community spirit outside the College setting.
Our camping program begins in Foundation with breakfast at school, through to a wide range of camping and travel adventurers including tours to China and NASA.