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iPad and BYOD Program

Hazel Glen College incorporates the use of technology in every area of the curriculum. Students use their devices in many ways, including reviewing their timetables, receiving learning material customised to their classes, participating in collaborative projects, submitting work to their teachers, and publishing to a worldwide audience.

Students from Foundation to Year 8 use an iPad for their everyday classroom learning, and students from Year 9 to Year 12 can choose their own device to suit their style of learning.

An appropriate piece of technology is required as it is an essential part of our student’s learning journey. Students require a variety of apps on their devices to assist in their learning. Apps are used to create assignments and assist in the consumption and communication of information. Therefore, it is essential to have the required applications installed on devices. In this way, students are responsible for and in control of their learning at HGC.

All devices must have a screen size of 7.9 inches or larger. 

Mobile phones are not allowed to be used as a learning device at the College. 

Helpful information, hints and tips:


  • We recommended iPads be 32GB or larger.
  • All iPads require at least 12GB of free space.
  •  Any size iPad is acceptable.
  • We prefer an iPad that can support iOS13 (iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 or later)
  • The iPad must always be protected by a solid and secure case.
  • Students will need to purchase apps throughout the year (when this is the case, the College will send a notice home).
  • All students require their own Apple ID to sign in during school hours. There is no need to have money stored on the Apple ID (it is only required for classwork and acquiring free apps).
  • For help setting up an Apple ID, click on the link below.
  • Students will be asked to install College profiles on their iPad to support the safety and security of using iPads in the classroom. These profiles will also enable the College to ”push” educational apps, eBooks and web clips to the student iPad to help them with their learning.
  • Once you have installed a profile and have paid the digital bundle fees, the College can push out required apps to the students iPad.


We recommended a computer running the following operating platforms, or later:

  • Mac OSX.13
  • Windows 8.1
  • Chrome OS
  • It must be in good working order and be able to connect to an enterprise network.