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Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Hazel Glen College website!

I am honoured and blessed to have the opportunity to lead this amazing College and to work alongside a remarkably dedicated and committed staff.

I will be strategic, creative and think innovatively on whole College improvements and embed our excellent reputation around our curriculum programs, pedagogy and extra-curricular opportunities.  I have been committed to the field of education for more than twenty years and still love learning and seeing students flourish.  I have worked within a variety of educational sectors and settings and have gained extensive knowledge and experiences that I have and will continue to share with Hazel Glen College.

Being part of Hazel Glen College over the years in various roles has provided me with extensive opportunities to have significant input into the setting up of our College. Having explicit knowledge of the College’s short history provides me with the building blocks to continue to grow the College with a clarity of both parent and community standards and expectations.  I will introduce proven educational initiatives that use data to drive instruction and provide consistent implementation of the curriculum in a rigorous manner so that we can continue to increase all of the students’ achievement.

I am a passionate educational leader that will always place students learning and growth at the centre of all decisions I make.  Along with all the teachers and staff, I will work hard to continue to build an educational setting that you are proud to send your child – a College that sets high expectations for both staff and students, who work openly and collaboratively with parents to provide the best educational opportunities to ensure a child reaches their full potential.

The holistic development of a child will continue to be a focus within our College ethos.  Seeing each child individually for the skills, talents and abilities they have that are solely unique to them will be recognised, supported and nurtured.

Hazel Glen College staff recognise the importance of relationships with our students and our parents and see this as a cornerstone to the success of every child.  By working together, we will ensure that our students enjoy their educational journey at Hazel Glen College and leave us as responsible, resilient and respectful citizens.

In 2020 the establishment of our K-12 education program will be complete. We will see our first graduating Year 12 cohort in 2020, bringing with it a significant milestone for the College and an end of our growth of year levels – seven years of the most remarkable enrolment, building and staff growth seen ever in Victoria.

The challenge that comes with a College of this size must also be balanced with the opportunities that come with it.  We have seen in our senior school the national and international opportunities that have been presented and more importantly accepted by our students. I will continue to strive in extending our international programs into other countries and provide students with truly global experiences so that they will never be limited by borders, sea or distance in following their dreams and pathways.

I look forward to working with you all to ensure Hazel Glen College provides the best possible educational and learning environment for your children to learn, grow and flourish holistically.


Welcome to Hazel Glen College!

Anthony Stockwell
College Principal

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