Absence from school
It is essential that a parent/guardian ring the College on 9717 7500, no later than 9.00 am or report your child’s absence via Compass.  A parent/guardian will receive a text message if a student is absent without notification. The purpose of the text message is to inform parents that their child has been marked absent from the College. Please ensure contact details are up to date.


Administration Office

The Administration Office is located at the front of the school. Students should come to the reception area to pay money, hand in forms, or to provide notes for a late pass or early leavers pass. Students may also ask for general assistance here.

Administration Office Hours during the school Term: 8.15 am – 4.00 pm


Assessment and Reporting
Assessment is continuous and covers individual and sometimes group performance. All units in the curriculum provide students with a range of choices of assessment tasks, designed to cater for differences in student interest and levels of competence. Most assessment tasks reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum and allow students to explore creative options when presenting their learning.


Progress Reports
The College reports at the end of Term One and three with an Interim Progress Report in all subjects for students.


Semester Reports
Hazel Glen College formally reports to parents twice a year in all subjects: at the end of Semester 1 (July) and at the end of Semester 2 (December). Each subject report will include an overall subject grade, work habits, a written comment about the student’s achievements and areas for improvement/future learning, Vic Curriculum assessment and absences from class.


Parent/Teacher/Student interviews
Parent/Teacher/Student interviews are held at the end of term one and in term three. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these interviews/conferences and are able to arrange interview times electronically. Families are advised when they are able to access the program as the time for interviews nears.


Regular and punctual attendance is essential. Attendance at all classes is compulsory. A student who has been absent from College is required to present a note signed by the parent to the office or to the Home Group Teacher on the day he/she returns to College. The College has an electronic attendance system and close tracking of students with poor attendance is available including parent notification of student absence via SMS or email. Regular and punctual attendance is essential. It is expected that the Administration Office is notified of any absence of more than one day.

90% Minimum Attendance It is essential students attend all classes. Students who miss school tend to fall behind in their work, lose confidence and then fail to achieve their best outcomes. It is government policy for all schools to adopt policies that encourage maximum attendance. It is an expectation at Hazel Glen that students have a minimum 90% attendance. 90% Minimum Attendance” is defined as:

  • Class attendance time
  • On an approved school activity (e.g. inter-school sport, Rock Eisteddfod)
  • Absent with a doctor’s certificate
  • Special leave approved by the Professional Learning Team (PLT) Leader (e.g. funerals) This means the maximum number of days absent per semester is 10 days.


Appointments during school hours
Students in Middle or Senior School will only be allowed to leave school during the day or during a school activity if they present, in advance, a note to the Home Group Teacher signed by the parent/guardian detailing the time and reason for leaving. Permission to leave school must be gained from the Year Level Leader or Head of School. If leaving school during the day, you need to sign out at the Middle School Office.


Extended family holidays

Families taking an extended holiday during term time are required to notify the appropriate Campus Principal in writing.


Special Leave
If you are aware of any confidential, medical or personal circumstance that will affect your child’s attendance, please contact the College as soon as possible.

Early Leaving / Lateness to School/Class

If a student arrives late or needs to leave early, he/she should go to the Administration Office to sign in/sign out using the Attendance system. In all cases, students should have a note from home explaining the late/early arrival. If a student is late and no note or acceptable reason is given, they may be given lunchtime detention.


Out of class
Students should not be out of class except in special circumstances.
Students who become ill at school
Students who become ill at College should report to the College First‐aid Officer. They will either be cared for in the Sickbay or parents will be contacted to arrange for their transport home. On no account should a student who becomes ill at the College, leave without permission.


College House System
Hazel Glen College is divided into 6 Houses – Stynes (Blue), Chang (Red), Wood (Black), Beachley (Yellow), Goodes (Green), and, McGrath (Orange). Each student will be allocated a House to which they will develop an ongoing allegiance. The House system provides regular and friendly competitions/activities and forms part of each student’s identity and sense of belonging to our College. The competitions include major carnivals for swimming and athletics as well as, House Music, Drama, Art, Debating and Public Speaking Competitions. The House system provides one of many opportunities for School Leadership development. House Captains and Leaders will play an integral role in the running of House based activities and events across the K-12 College.


Parent communication is always welcome and regarded as vital for each student’s social and academic progress. Parents may ring the College to speak to or arrange an appointment with a teacher, Year Level Leader of Head of School or contact can be made through email.


Damaged, broken or out-of-order property
You are asked to report items in need of repair and to make other maintenance suggestions to the Head of School or Year Level Leader. Please be aware: In the case of damage caused by inappropriate behaviour, the cost of repair will be charged to the student(s) responsible.


Driving to school (Students over 18)
A parking permit is required and may be obtained from the Head of Senior School when a letter from parents is received, which gives permission for the student to drive to school. The registration number of the car should be provided in this letter. Cars are not to be used during the school day other than for transporting the student to and from campus. If students wish to offer lifts to other students, written permission from parents of both parties must be obtained.

The Head of Senior School will maintain a register of all car owners/drivers and passengers with parent consent. Failure to comply with College requirements will result in the withdrawal of the parking permit. Parking of cars on the College premises is done at the driver’s risk, and responsibility for this is not taken by the College.


First Aid Centre

A College First Aid Officer is available for students. A medical record is prepared for each student at enrolment. Parents are asked to keep this record up‐to‐date by informing the College of any significant injuries or illnesses which occur. Any student who is taking medication should report to the Sickbay and leave the medication in the care of the College First Aid Officer.

Allergy and Asthma management plans will be required to be kept current. Medication will not be given to students unless written permission from a parent is received.

Assistance can be given with the management of medication and ongoing illnesses if required. If students are unwell in the morning, it is better for them to be kept at home, however, in the event of a child becoming ill during the day, parents or emergency contacts will be contacted. Please ensure the College has current details for parents/guardians and emergency contacts.


Help with study skills, time management & organisation
If you need help with study skills, time management or organisation, make a time to see your Classroom/Home Group Teacher or Professional Learning Team Leader/Year Level Leader.


IT – iPad Program

At HGC, we challenge ourselves to teach and lead in relevant and new digital forms through evolving modes of Information Communication Technology and new methodologies. Our 1:1 initiative is designed to improve our student’s access to learning technologies and online learning – it actively and creatively engages students in their learning and is used as a learning device alongside our College owned technologies. It is expected that all Year 1 – 8 students will have an iPad at school every day. This will allow the College to further personalise learning and to move away from a traditional approach of a teacher-only directed classroom with students all using the same textbook.
Each student from Years 5 to 12 will be allocated a locker for the duration of the year. Under no circumstance should lockers be exchanged without negotiation with the Year Level Leader. Students are provided with a locking device to keep their locker locked when it is unattended. Combination locks will be provided by the College. Replacement combination locks must be purchased from the Middle School office. It is essential that the locker remain locked, except when the student is present, as the College cannot accept responsibility for valuables not kept in a secure place.


Lost property
You are expected to manage your own property and its security. Private property must be named adequately. Items that are lost or misplaced should be taken to the Junior, Middle or Senior School Office. Please label all clothing and belongings.

Maintenance of facilities

Students are expected to assist in maintaining the appearance of the College and its facilities. As part of that responsibility, Classrooms/Home Groups will be rostered for cleaning organisation when required by the Head of School or Assistant Principal.


Middle School Home Groups

Home Groups are composed of about 25 students. Every morning (10 minutes) the Home Group teacher is responsible for administration, including, daily reports, uniform check and daily roll call. Following House Group meetings, students will meet in their Home Group e.g. 7A, 7B etc. They will stay in this group for all core and semester subjects.

Only a minimum amount of money should be brought to the College on any day. If extra money has to be carried to meet extraordinary expenses, it should be placed in a sealed envelope and handed to the office for safekeeping. No responsibility can be taken for valuables or money left in lockers or in clothing that may be left unattended. Where necessary, card facilities will be an option for students.


Out of Bounds
Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during the day unless they have a signed pass. There are some designated Out of Bounds areas, i.e. car parks throughout the College. Students must know them. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary measures.


Our school collects, uses, discloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy

Please take time to remind yourself of the school’s collection statement. For more information about privacy, see Schools’ Privacy Policy – information for parents. This information is also available in nine community languages.

Hazel Glen College does not tolerate smoking at the College. As a consequence, there is a non-smoking policy that prohibits all students, staff and visitors from smoking within the confines of the buildings and grounds of the College. For students, this non-smoking policy also restricts smoking in student’s cars, bus shelters and when travelling to and from school.

The following actions will be taken if a student is found to be smoking in any of the situations described above;

  • The student will be interviewed by the Head of School, who will then impose appropriate consequences, this may involve suspension from the College;
  • If smoking occurs on a second occasion, an interview with the parents/guardians, and the student will be conducted by the Head of School/Assistant Principal to discuss ongoing placement at the College.


Students are not permitted to invite non-Hazel Glen friends to meet at Hazel Glen during school hours. All visitors need to report to the Main Administration Office on arrival where they will sign in and be given a visitors badge. They are then asked to report to the respective School Office of the building to be visited.


Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team at Hazel Glen College is responsible for the provision, coordination and evaluation of welfare services provided by the College to students and their families. The Wellbeing Team is made up of the following members:

  • Assistant Principal
  • Student Wellbeing Leader
  • Year Level Leaders

Educational Psychologists and Speech Pathologists are available on a limited basis. Any referrals or enquiries regarding this should be forwarded to the Student Wellbeing Coordinator. No appointments or parental permission is necessary for students to access the SWC or College Nurse, but both are necessary to access the Educational Psychologists. Parents are also encouraged to call on the Wellbeing Team to assist them in any way.

Duties of the Wellbeing Team include:

  • Counselling students who have personal, social or emotional problems which are affecting their ability to participate fully at school
  • Linking students and/or their families with outside resources and agencies as necessary and to provide ongoing support to students so referred
  • Interpreting the problems/needs of individuals to teachers and coordinators so that the College can respond effectively to each student’s needs
  • Providing academic assessments as requested by staff and parents
  • Supporting the Wellbeing role of all teachers
  • Initiating appropriate proactive programs in the area of Wellbeing


Some of the issues that the Wellbeing Team assist students with include:

  • Depression/anxiety/suicide/mental health
  • Self-harming and eating disorders
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Mediation and advocacy
  • Family and peer conflict
  • Sex and sexual health
  • Anger and behaviour management
College Phone

9717 7500
Call before 9am for all absentees.

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