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Year 9

Experiential Learning

Year 9

Year 9 is universally agreed by educational researchers as a time of significant change cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. It is a time that students transition from dependence to interdependence, face challenges and uncertainty beyond their own ability to resolve and show unbelievable growth and development in their desired areas of interest and passion.

Research has shown that Year 9 students benefit from a stimulating, challenging and rewarding curriculum that caters for diversity in learning styles and abilities.

In our Year 9 program, we have an approach that recognises and rewards our student’s strengths, providing them with a supportive and nurturing, learning environment where they can ‘take calculated risks’ knowing that guidance and support are always available.

Students are provided with learning opportunities that take them beyond the school boundaries on a regular basis, relating theoretical learning in the classroom to its relationship within the real world in which we live. Our students are given opportunities and responsibilities as community members to interact as global citizens and make the world a better place for others less fortunate. They are treated as young adults but guided as developing teenagers in their abilities and decision making leading to independence.

At A Glance

  • An extensive and varied list of electives
  • Regular city experiences allow students to learn about the culture and history of Melbourne, undertake exploration and discovery and develop independence in train travel and behaving in public
  • Personal Best Program–an opportunity to develop skills in a defined area and challenge their own learning
  • Community–an opportunity to build empathy and engage with the community
  • Self Discovery & Pathways– students begin to think about careers and pathways beyond their school. Students complete Morrisby assessments that assist them in identifying areas of strengths and potential pathways
  • Expedition–experiencing the outdoors can be a powerful stimulus for learning

Year 9 Subject Pathways Handbook: click here or the image below.