Work Experience Program

All of our Year 10 students are required to participate in the Year 10 Work Experience Program. This program provides a number of benefits including the opportunity to explore future pathways of interest, develop employability skills and build industry networks.
For many students, it can be daunting to organise their placement. Below is a script with tips to help ease their nerves and a script to guide students on what to say when they are organising their placements.

To organise Student Placements:


Step 1
  • Students identify pathways/careers of interest and contact employers seeking placement.
  • Once placement is agreed and confirmed, they complete the attached Work Placement Request Form and return it to Ms Fitzsimmons.

Step 2

  • Ms Fitzsimmons will enter their placement details into the Work Expo program and then send students back a Work Arrangement Form.
  • The student then has the employer complete and sign the form, the student and a parent also complete their section and then the form is returned to Ms Fitzsimmons. The College Principal will then read and sign the form.
Safe@Work Modules

Prior to undertaking placement, students must complete their Safe@Work Modules – the general module and the industry specific module. Students will undertake these as part of their PEP program.

Visit here for some excellent ideas, tips and placement work experience search portal: If students are also wanting some help with identifying employers, industries or just to talk it through the process, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms Fitzsimmons for personalised guidance. She has a large database of employers that HGC students have been placed at in the past.
Visit her for some useful information on how to find a placement and student’s rights and responsibilities:


Tip: students will often tend to just search for employers specific to their industry however we encourage students to look at large employers as they will have departments and services within (ie HR, IT, business, accounting, legal, maintenance, admin, marketing).
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