Hazel Glen College, Doreen, Victoria, Australia

Learners today, Leaders tomorrow


Putting a dent in the universe

Set on a single campus, HGC is a modern purpose built facility catering for 21st century learning.


World Leaders in Education

HGC teachers are educational innovators, at the forefront of an extensive online digital curriculum.


21st Century Facilities

Our cutting edge STEAM centre offers the best in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.


Prep Information Evening

We extend a warm invitation to all parents of pre-school children considering HGC for 2017. We are excited to share the first steps in your child’s academic journey. Come and join us tonight at 7pm to meet our enthusiastic staff and learn more about Prep within the vibrant HGC community. At HGC we understand that the transition into Prep can…

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NMR Athletics

Congratulations to the 8 HGC students who competed at the NMR Athletics. They represented HGC with impressive determination, skill and resilience. We are delighted to announce that Tristan Dela-Cruz, Brodie Driscoll and Angus Lambie have qualified to compete in the State Athletics after coming 2nd in 12-13 Yrs Shot Put, 2nd in 12-13 Yrs 100m Sprint and 1st in 11…

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Night at the Museum

HGC Middle School students entered a fascinating world of imaginative learning with their action packed Night at the Museum exhibition. Students enjoyed sharing their wondrous journey of discovery with family and friends. Students entered the fascinating worlds of: Colonial Australia (Yr 5), Notable Australians (Yr 6), Ancient Civilisations (Yr ) and Medieval Europe (Yr 8). By creating their own inquiry…

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Parent Teacher Interviews

Today HGC Parents were invited to attend parent-teacher interviews. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your child’s academic, emotional and social development. Parent-teacher interviews are an ideal way to understand your child's learning needs and to raise any concerns you might have with your child's teacher. Even when your child's school life is running smoothly, parent-teacher interviews can be valuable.…

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Medieval Incursion

Theodore Roosevelt famously said, 'The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.' Year 8's brought the past back to life during a Medieval Incursion in which they learnt about medieval crime and punishment,  weapons & armour, dance and heraldry. It was a fascinating insight into a bygone era.

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Celebrating Book Week

Today students and staff celebrated Book Week. Students displayed an amazing degree of imagination and creativity in their literary costumes. Students shared their love of literature by parading their costumes. This was followed by Mrs Jamieson reading Aaron Blabey's hilarious book "Pirhanas Don't Eat Banana's".  The festivities were completed with students and teachers joining together with some dancing.  

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Darling 4

Peter Pan Performance

  Congratulations to our wonderful staff and students on their magnificent 2016 performance of Peter Pan. Students displayed admirable teamwork and persistence in coming together and creating this highly entertaining and beautifully staged performance. The audience was treated to a memorable evening of magic and adventure!  

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Ride to School Day

Research shows that students who WALK to school are more focused and ready to learn than those who drive. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, HGC students (Prep-Yr 4) joined with St Paul the Apostle (Doreen) students to take part in Ride2School Day. It was wonderful to see students join friends and family in walking and riding to school. What a fun and healthy way to start the…

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Peter Pan Mania

To celebrate the upcoming College production of Peter Pan, on the last day of Term 2 all the HGC staff came dressed in their best Peter Pan costumes. This was a total surprise to the students who walked into a 'normal' day at school to find their teachers all dressed up. It was great to see a wide range of…

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Year 3 Camp

The Year 3 students had an amazing 3 days at camp last week. They were lucky with the weather and had the opportunity to go canoeing, conquer the high ropes and have some adventurous bush walks. The students had a wonderful time that they all thought was too short.

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We are a K-12 college in Doreen developing the Leaders of Tomorrow.

The learning journey from Kinder through to VCE is truly an extraordinary time for developing life-long learning skills. Our talented staff provide each student with a solid foundation based on high academic and behavioural expectations.


New Students

HGC is a vibrant community where children are happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. Our unique structure allows students to transition seamlessly through each stage of their academic journey.

New students are warmly embraced by our community and our caring staff work hard to ensure they quickly and happily assimilate into HGC life.

Artistic endeavours


HGC currently offers Kinder through to Year 8. We will be expanding each year until our first Year 12 class in 2020. The wide range of core and elective subjects offered by HGC is taught by our team of highly skilled specialist teachers.
At HGC, we believe that students learn best when the subject material is relatable and personally engaging. Our teachers are there to ensure that the learning material is relevant and tailored to build on every child’s learning journey.
Scientific enquiry


HGC is a world leader in curriculum development. As well as utilising traditional textbooks in their classroom, our teachers have created an extensive custom designed educational platform to embrace 21st Century learning. This allows students to revise their classwork at home, ensuring that students have the opportunity to consolidate and build upon their learning at home. With over 50 courses downloaded by over 100,000 students worldwide, HGC is a global leader in education.

STEAM Centre

Our new STEAM Centre is a thrilling learning precinct - where student’s are inspired to IMAGINE, LEARN and CREATE! The HGC STEAM Innovation Hub brings together the best that our College has to offer in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. This ground-breaking and innovative centre encapsulates 21st Century learning by providing a multi-discipline approach to the curriculum.

Hazel Glen Scout Group

Join the adventure!
Located within the HGC school grounds, Hazel Glen Scout Group provides a fun program for children ages 6 and up. We have a strong family focus and emphasis on community involvement. Scouts offers a huge range of opportunities, and there’s always something new to try!

" Learners today, Leaders tomorrow "

Developing resilient, independent, adaptable and innovative thinkers.
Encouraging a life-long passion for learning.
Nurturing the self-confidence to strive for excellence.

Our vibrant learning community teaches students how to cope with the challenges that life can bring. We strive to develop the life-long skills to build strong relationships, positive emotions, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle.

Hazel Glen College is one of Australia’s leading schools, offering world-class curriculum, ground-breaking electives, cutting-edge facilities and an enormous array of learning experiences.

Founded in 2014, HGC has been designed using attractive, modern and purpose built architecture and the most up-to-date facilities available.

Our enthusiastic teaching team nurture the students in our care to prepare them with the skills, attitude and resilience needed to be life-long learners. The learning opportunities offered at HGC are the building blocks for their future.

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