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The 2022 – 2026 School Strategic Plan – a Living Document

The School Strategic Plan reflects the community’s expectations and the government’s priorities for education and early childhood development. It is a formal understanding between the School Council, the school community and the Department. Regional Network Leaders quality assure and endorse School Strategic Plans, including the goals, targets and strategies they contain.

While the cycle specifies a four-year planning period, the School Strategic Plan is a ‘living’ document in that it can be updated to take into account changes in the school’s environment or data.

A picture of the Senior School Building showcasing it's purple facade.

Annual Implementation Plan

The School Accountability and Improvement Framework comprises four main elements that enable Hazel Glen College to;

  • plan for improvement via a four-year school strategic plan and an annual implementation plan;
  • evaluate progress towards the improvement goals and targets via both an internal school self-evaluation and an external school review;
  • report on progress in core school performance indicators and other achievements via an annual report to the school community; and
  • manage risk and compliance with legislation and departmental policies.